Ronit Shaouly-Berney, Law Offices & Notary​

Our office has been engaged in the civil field for about 35 years and responds to the following matters:

Real Estate

Our office has extensive knowledge and experience in real estate, selling and purchasing real estate properties, and registration of rights, including registration of inheritance orders and wills.

Urban Renewal

We provide advisory services to tenants' representations as well as to individual tenants who feel "falling between the cracks" of the developer, the tenants' committee, and the lawyer of the tenants.

Torts & Insurance

We have experience when it comes to managing cases in the courts and negotiating with insurance companies, to reach the best result for our client. We specialize in representing compensation claims for bodily injuries due to road accidents as a driver, or passenger, including motorcycle accidents, public transportation accidents (bus and train), and pedestrian accidents.

Inheritance and Wills

Concerning the Seniors, our office specializes in compiling wills, including for special cases (adopted children or grandchildren), gifts, and managing estates.

Mediation and Arbitration

Notary Services

The state of Israel appointed me to be a Notary which permits me to authenticate and certify documents and other legal matters.
Among other certifications are the making of will orders and the authentication of property agreements made before Marriage.​